Mike Miller – 2019

It is said that many of the US Bourbon bars owe their existence to Delilah’s. Mike opened the iconic bar in 1993 and legend has it, it has been open every day since. It is reputed he once said that he comes to the bar every day because he enjoys it, and that if it is no longer fun he would sell it. All we can say is that it must still be fun as the bar goes from strength to strength, and is one of the go-to places in Chicago, if not the US, for Bourbon lovers.

While many refer to Delilah’s as a whiskey bar, which it certainly is, Miller prefers to call it, “A bar with a great selection of whiskey.” Obviously any place with such an impressive list is deserving of that description. But Miller, an outgoing man who obviously relishes having created a welcoming bar and is also involved in his neighbourhood association, has a somewhat wider vision.

The “different elements” at Delilah’s include classic movies (Miller studied cinematography in college), a rotation of DJs presenting recordings, and one of the country’s greatest selections of whiskeys, more than 875 bottles. 

In all this, one thing resounds, Miller created a go to destination that was drenched in Bourbon, before Bourbon was cool.

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