Ken Grier – 2018

The legacy Ken Grier leaves behind after his 20 years at the Edrington Group is frankly astonishing.

Starting his marketing career with cider, frozen pizza and Lego, he swiftly got to work across the Edrington brands, establishing himself as a visionary and creative marketer. His impact across several brands includes: leading the team who introduced the Famous Grouse malt range into Taiwan – enabling Edrington to provide a strong distribution platform which allowed Macallan to sweep in and dominate for 10 years; developing the early days of Highland Park in 2005/06; and working with the team to develop The Famous Grouse Experience in Crieff, which won a BAFTA award and was considered ahead if its time.

Ken will be widely known for his work on Macallan, and the list of projects during his 20 years on the brand is astonishing. In 2002/03 he introduced Fine & Rare Macallan; he took the decision to move The Macallan away from being 100 per cent sherry cask led to introduce the Fine Oak Series, which initially catapulted Macallan into the top four single malts in the world.

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