John K Hall – 2017

Whisky maker
Forty Creek Distillery

They say if you find a job you love, you will never work a day in your life. This blessing has graced John K Hall, founder of Forty Creek Distillery and creator of Forty Creek Canadian Whisky. With over 45 years in the beverage alcohol industry, John finds every moment an exciting taste adventure.

For the first two decades, John won wide recognition in the Canadian wine industry as a winemaker and industry leader. But after 22 years, he was ready to embrace a new challenge and explore the craft of making whisky.

In 1992, John started his distillery in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada. 22 years later, his passion and patience translated into a top selling Forty Creek whisky brand and elevated the entire Canadian whisky category both in Canada and internationally.

John is a pioneering figure in Canadian whisky making and his devotion to the industry has garnered him numerous awards. As a first generation whisky maker, John candidly admits he is not so much bound by tradition as he is inspired by it.

In 2001, the late Michael Jackson said Forty Creek was the “richest-tasting Canadian whisky” he had ever tasted and it “wins points for luxury”. Michael went on to say, “The most revolutionary whisky in Canada may well be Forty Creek. John Hall has brought a handcrafted sensibility to whisky and in doing so has broken the barriers of whisky. Forty Creek is delightful with international, timeless appeal.”

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